CrissCross Creations


Ground U.S. Shipping and Handling charges for necklaces and earrings:

3.75 for order value up to $19.99
4.50 for order value $20.00-$49.99
6.00 for order value $50.00-$99.99
8.50 for order value $100.00-199.99
Free for order value greater than $200.00

Priority Mail U.S. Shipping and Handling charges for necklaces and earrings:

8.50 for order value up to $149.99
9.50 for order value $150.00-199.99
Free for order value greater than $200.00

Wall Crosses are 7.75 flat shipping for one item; $3.00 for each additional item. Up to 20 small items may be included with a wall cross with no additional shipping.

*** Note: The Paypal Shopping Cart software is very bad at calculations involving multiple types of items. If you wish to order multiple types of items, please drop us an email with what you would like to order and we can invoice by email that will guarantee our lowest possible shipping charges which will be lower than if using the online ordering. Please include the quantity, types, and wood types of items along with name, address and telephone number. The email invoice is payable on Paypal with a credit card. As soon as payment is made, the order will be processed.
Shipping is normally by first class mail, though in some cases Priority Mail or Fedex Ground becomes a useable choice. Email your order if you would like a specific method and we will quote shipping charges prior to sending the order. We can also invoice by email in this case to keep the cost at the lowest possible for shipping.


At our very small store, the ability to build a web site capable of calculating international shipping is beyond our capabilities at this time. So, it means that if you try to order internationally, you will find a very high shipping charge on the Paypal checkout. Do not fear! BUT DON'T FINALIZE THE ORDER!!! Instead, just send an email to us indicating what you want including model number, type wood, quantity, etc., your complete address and telephone information and we will send you a quote for the transaction including shipping and handling. If you wish to proceed, an email invoice can be sent to you which will connect directly with Paypal for payment. It is very expensive to ship, let alone internationally, therefore we usually only ship by International First Class Mail which takes some time, but doesn't cost very much relative to priority shipping solutions.

Shipping and handling is, very honestly, one of the most difficult items with which to deal.
Not only is it rather expensive as compared to the cost of the item, but unfortunately we are not able at this time, in order to keep prices as low as possible, to have a robust online shopping software which can tailor the cost of shipping more closely to distance, number of pieces of various types, and speed of service required. We try our best, that is why we say to email an order or just ask for a specific quote for an order of multiple items so we don't overcharge. In all cases, any "excess shipping charge" is used to provide an enhancement to shipping such as tracking, premium delivery, or whatever we can do to provide value for the price paid.

* We attempt to ship an order the next day. Except on large identical item pendant necklace orders or some other multi-piece orders, we generally have enough inventory to fulfill an order immediately.